Campono is very pleased to announce Tracy O’Grady as our new Operator/Executive Chef.

Tracy will be responsible for the day-to-day operations here, as well as being the creative force behind the menu.

Tracy has a long and distinguished career, with nearly 25 years of restaurant experience in the DC area. She has mentored with such renowned Chef’s as Yannick Cam, Roberto Donna and Bob Kinkead.

She really began to shine on her own when she opened her first restaurant, Willow, in Arlington. Willow enjoyed a successful ten-year run with Tracy at the helm, closing this past September. Willow was a partnership with her husband, Brian Wolken, and their long-time friend, Kate Jansen. Tracy and her team were able to develop a close relationship with their guests and the community while creating a family oriented atmosphere….something she hopes to repeat at Campono.

Hailing from the predominately Irish neighborhood of South Buffalo, she moved to DC after graduating with honors from Canisus College. While she never attended Chef School, she has studied and trained under some of this country’s finest Chefs.

Tracy has also had the very distinct honor of representing the United States in the prestigious Bocuse d’ Or international cooking competition in Lyon, France in 2001. The competition, considered by many to be the toughest and most respected of its kind, draws competitors from all over the globe. Tracy was selected to represent her country after several local and regional cook-offs.

Tracy, along with her husband Brian (who will be offering support and input at Campono as well), are very excited for the future here. Stay on the lookout for menu changes in the near future as they both focus their dedicated vision on Campono.