It is with great disappointment and sadness that we regret to announce that:


We have truly enjoyed serving this wonderful community these last four and a half years! We have put our heart and soul into creating great food, friendly service and a warm place to gather with friends and colleagues.

We can only hope that we accomplished that goal!

In addition to the mandatory shut down for the Covid19 outbreak and slower times at both the Kennedy Center and our building, the Landlord has exercised their legal right and directed us to vacate the building by the end of April.

We have had our current lease/agreement in place with the Landlord since 2017. They requested additional monetary contributions in order for us to maintain occupancy and extend our lease. Given our current business model, we are unable to commit to the financial burden of this request. After months of discussions and negotiations they have decide to terminate the month-to-month lease we have been operating under since January of 2019.

If we had been able to continue to operate under our current agreement, it still would have been a difficult road to re-opening (as many, many restaurants are going to soon be struggling with themselves). However, we would have been rigorously exploring any and all options available to us once this shut-down is over: low-interest loans, grants and subsidies, to name just a few.

Thank you to all our wonderful, caring and supportive customers over the years…we will miss each and every one of you.

Best of luck to you all and stay safe and strong!


Brian, Tracy, Dante, Freddy, Johnny, Erikxon, Shanil and the entire Campono staff!